Our Purpose

Selfless service benefits those whom we serve, but it benefits us as well.  By practicing generosity, we can step beyond our temporary desires and worries and become part of something greater. Studies have shown that acts of charity both boost mood temporarily and increase long-term emotional well-being. Kind and generous people are, overall, happier. Also, when serving the community, you not only take charge of your wellness, you help promote the wellness of others.

Our charity health support can vary between the: church, senior community, schools, newcomers, etc. By donating our time, Physio Therapeutic Massage Clinic offers free community health services are and the key role they can play in supporting people and delivering care. Additionally, community health provides preventative and health improvement services.

This event occurs once a Saturday of each month.
Register or contact us at 905-855-7075 or apply at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make it happen!
We are so happy to assist you.

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