Dr. Michelle Salga Naturopath

Dr. Michelle Salga has a special interest in Preventive Medicine using Bio-identical Hormones, and educating her patients on proper nutrition and lifestyle choices to help them achieve their optimal selves. 

"I believe that the root of happiness depends on how we feel physically in our bodies and about our everyday thoughts, both are dependent on one another equally".- Dr. Michelle Salga, ND

‚ÄčIn other words, when the body isn't working right because of years of toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, hormone levels declining with age, stress and on-going bad habits, these finally take their toll. Low energy and poor mood is a common result. Why live like that? If the body isn't working properly it lets us know by creating 'symptoms' that are painful and debilitating. Dr. Salga's approach is to address the root cause so to prevent further health concerns and to therefore bring her patient's back to health and happiness. Let's work together and get there!