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Biofreeze comes in a variety of sizes. Some of these sizes are available for in-clinic use only. For home use the following are available:

4oz /118 ml Tube – The tube is the most popular Biofreeze® product. It is an ideal format for people who want the maximum effect of the Biofreeze® gel by deeply massaging it into the pain region.

3 oz / 89 ml Roll-On – The roll-on is popular with athletes because you can apply the gel without getting it on your hands. You can also use the rolling ball to stimulate trigger points.

4 oz / 118 ml Spray – The spray is great if your pain is in a hard to reach areas like your back. It has a nozzle that works at many angles, making it easier to apply.

For Healthcare Professionals, Biofreeze is also available in a 16 oz Pump, 32 oz Pump and 1 Gallon Pump bottle.

Can I get the Biofreeze Wipes or the special applicator tip in Canada?

Not at this time. Biofreeze is a Natural Health Product and as such it is tested, regulated and approved by Health Canada. Although untested Biofreeze sometimes comes into Canada, it is not legal for sale. To assure your Biofreeze has been tested properly, assure it has an NPN number and a Canadian distributor address printed directly on the product.

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